WALK ON THE WILD SIDE Snowshoe tour with winter camping

Duration: 2 Days
Country/Region: Switzerland, Uri
Price: 690 CHF p.P.
Participants: 4-8
Date: 13.01.2023wenig plaetze verfuegbar button 16.02.2023plaetze verfuegbar button 2 300x300 1 300x300 104.03.2023plaetze verfuegbar button 2 300x300 1 300x300 1or on request 

A tent based micro expedition tour in the heart of Switzerland that combines long and gentle ascents, an overnight stay in an expedition tent under the stars and gorgeous views. We will explore lonely peaks and glaciated valleys, hike across pristine slopes as well as enjoy a warming base camp fondue. The remoteness, ruggedness and beauty of nature that we will experience first hand will guarantee lasting memories! The perfect offer if you want to try life on expedition for a short time, are ready for camping in the snow and want to experience lonely corners of our mountains with a well-coordinated team. Challenge accepted?


Schneeschuhwanderer bei einer schwierigen Passage


Schwierigkeit 3 5 1

Ascents up to 1500Hm/day. Hiking with heavy backpack up to 6 hrs/day.

Snowshoeing experience

Schwierigkeit 1 5 1

No experience necessary

Tent based tour for snowshoe hikers

The sky slowly turns pink and the peaks lining up seem even more dramatic and rugged than they looked in the daylight. It is a beautiful natural spectacle. The sun stops warming and we have to shovel out a plain where we will place our tents. By the time we are done, night has caught up with us. Meanwhile, the fondue is simmering over the gasoline stove that we entrust for these tours, waiting for hungry campers. The sky fills with stars, the visibility is crystal clear and the air is ice-cold. We take a sip of mulled wine and toast to the successful day, chat for a bit, and then head to our tents, where we are embraced by warm sleeping bags. Tomorrow will be another magnificent day that will take us to untouched corners of the canton of Uri, far away from everything, and yet very close to the nature that we appreciate so extraordinarily.

Our tent based micro expedition tours are as unique as you are: that’s why we plan them carefully and adventurously, so that we will have an unforgettable adventure full of breathtaking views, movement and fun in the snow. 

Some areas where we offer our tent based tours are:
Muota Valley, Klausen Pass, Urseren Valley, Susten Pass, Grosstal, Erstfelder Valley, Furka Pass and many more.

Snowshoe Expedition

The perfect offer if you want to experience a two day tour in alpine environment and combine it with winter camping.

Bereit für etwas Action?

Your benefits with Exped Tribe:


Local and multilingual mountain guide


Support member

who will document the trip with professional recordings and look after your well-being. You will receive drone videos, photos and much more as a souvenir of your adventure.

Small groups

of max. 8 participants. Increased flexibility, familiar atmosphere and harmonious get-together. We do our best to ensure that all participants have an incredible adventure! We conduct expectation phone calls and pool participants who have similar expectations and abilities. We are happy to accept special requests!


Vegetarian friendly

We offer Alpine gourmet cuisine, completely without meat/fish!


Co2 compensation

Planting of several trees per participant. You will receive a certificate of your trees and will be able to follow their growth.


Test materials

Cost-effective rental materials such as winter sleeping bags, expedition tents and much more are at your disposal

Skitourengeher bei der Zelt basierten Expeditionstour

Planned schedule of the snowshoe expedition

Fondue Abend nach der Schneeschuhtour

Day 1

At the meeting point we organize our equipment and perform an avalanche check. After strapping on the snowshoes, we start the approach towards the first base camp, which will be set up in a panoramic and avalanche-safe location. The ascent on the first day takes between 4 and 8 hours, depending on our pace, snow conditions and the chosen location. Up to the base camp, the ascent does not involve any major difficulties. Now nothing stands in the way for a quiet and relaxing night! We can watch shooting stars, eat and drink warmly and make ourselves comfortable in the expedition tents, read a bit or chat with our new friends. Comfortably we let the evening come to an end.


Aufstieg zum Gipfel bei der Schneeschuh Expedition

Day 2

We eat a fortifying breakfast and start the next ascent with a fantastic view. The summit is again selected with all members, so that everyone is at the same level. The location of the base camp allows everyone to find the right tour, whether it is something cozy and gentle, or long hikes low in alpine terrain. 

Once we reach base camp again, everything is dismantled and we head back to the valley. The pictures of this incredible micro expedition tour will be taken by a professional photographer. So you can prove to everyone what you have experienced really extraordinary!


Countdown counter until the next snowshoe hike








Important info about your adventure

  • Hard shell jacket
  • Spare underwear (the warmest you have)
  • Warm ski touring pants, warm base layer & sweater
  • Soft shell or fleece jacket
  • Hat, gloves, balaclava
  • Two pairs of long and warm socks
  • Sunglasses
  • Ski goggles
  • Sun and lip lotion
  • Drinking bottle and thermos flask
  • Ev. camera and powerbank
  • Backpack (60-80l)
  • Snowshoes
  • Telescopic poles
  • LVS set (avalanche transceiver, shovel, probe)
For the overnight
  • Warm sleeping bag (comfort temperature -10°/-25°)
  • Insulated sleeping mat
  • ISO mat
  • Headlamp
  • Cutlery (fork/knife/spoon/cup/bowl)
  • Toiletries (reduced to the minimum)
  • Other camping material, if available
  • Swiss certified mountain guide

  • Half board

  • Professional photo reportage

  • Group material

  • Snack (not included, serves to replenish energy levels): This is eaten between breakfast and dinner and taken with you for appropriate days. Dried fruit, chocolate, cheese, wholemeal bread and energy bars are good. Remember that your backpack should not be too heavy.
  • Half board (included): Out of commitment to animal welfare, we do not offer fish/meat. We do our best to keep the menu as exciting as possible despite logistical challenges. Please notify us in advance of any special dietary needs
Rental material
  • Snowshoes, CHF 35.00

  • Trekking poles, CHF 15.00

  • Avalanche transceiver set, CHF 50.00

  • Winter sleeping bag, CHF 50.00

  • Insulated sleeping mat, CHF 25.00

  • Trekking backpack (80l), CHF 20.00

  • This snowshoe tour is suitable for both beginners and advanced hikers, as the length of the tour can be adjusted as desired;

  • It is possible to combine this expedition with other experiences, e.g., with an introduction to ice climbing on a secluded ice wall, please notify wishes in advance!


A tent-based adventure unlike any other that will prepare you for longer expedition trips
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