Footprint Commitment

Problem definition

Organizing expeditions and adventures in hard-to-reach places often results in long transfers, high CO₂ emissions, and the disruption of pristine and fragile ecosystems. Here at Exped Tribe, we heavily rely on nature and its pristine beauty.

How we proactively reduce our footprint

For each organized adventure we offer the following attentions to nature:

We plant several trees for each participant

to offset the CO₂ emissions generated by our activities. The commissioned trees are also used for the development of forestry in needy communities;


We only offer vegetarian meals

both on our trips abroad and on our Swiss adventures. We take special dietary needs very seriously, by finding together the best solution for our guests;


We primarily always offer the most environmentally friendly means of transport

By train, sailboat or on foot. We prefer these modes of travel for both domestic and foreign adventures. We plan our trips with consideration of the longer travelling time and compensate where necessary with additional services;

We operate according to the "Leave No Trace" principle

Nothing should be left in nature. We pack all waste and take it back for proper disposal;


We buy zero kilometer food for our guests


We hire local guides where appropriate

to provide economic support to the communities visited

Animal welfare

We are a completely vegetarian company!

We will of course tolerate if you want to bring your own meat and fish, due to dietary needs.
However, what we will never do is offer meat/fish during Swiss adventures or expeditions abroad. We do our best to keep the menu as appealing as possible, despite logistical difficulties.

We love our furry friends and want to protect them as much as possible,

don’t you want to do the same?

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Projects, Awards

Our desire to protect the environment goes beyond the practices we implement at Exped Tribe.

Some of the projects we proactively support and awards we have received so far:

swisstainable logo
Uiaa MPA 2021
tree nation badge
Lux Life Magazine

Even if it’s just a small step towards sustainable tourism, let’s be pioneers!

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