Trip type: Photographic workshop, 4×4 Trip
Duration: 8 Days
Country/Region: Iceland, Highlands
Price: 3’200.00 CHF p.P.
Participants: 4-8
Dates: 01.09.2023plaetze verfuegbar button 2 300x300 1or on request

This trip is for photographers who are interested in the wild side of adventure photography. It is aimed at people who have serious ambitions with their photography, from creating a high level professional portfolio to learning how to organize their own photo expeditions. Together we will explore Iceland’s Highlands with our 4x4s, creating unique memories far away from the tourist trails.


Flussquerung in Armenien

Wild camping

Schwierigkeit 3 5 1

Experience advantageous, but not mandatory


Schwierigkeit 4 5 1

Necessary. Adventurers are needed here!


Schwierigkeit 1 5 1

Generally fit for short hikes on easy terrain

Photographic skills

Schwierigkeit 1 5 1

Experience with SLR cameras an advantage, but not mandatory

Iceland Adventure Photography – Reach remote landscapes by 4×4 and immortalize them with your camera

Imagine for a moment having to take off your shoes and pants to make sure the water of the river you’re about to cross isn’t too high. Imagine having to get up bright and early to snap a trail running photo against the backdrop of the Thor’s Valley, or jetting across endless expanses of volcanic sand in a Super Defender.

If you don’t mind waking up at dawn, chasing the sunset light, and skipping lunch so as not to waste a single photographically important moment, this is the trip for you.

However, we take no responsibility if you get addicted to the majestic Icelandic landscapes of the highlands!

Experience a unique trip with focus on adventure photography, organized and run by the Exped Tribe team as experienced expedition leaders. The photographic part as well as the daily workshops will be led and conducted by a renowned professional photographer from the outdoor industry.

Thus, you will combine an exploratory journey through remote landscapes by 4×4 vehicle with acquiring valuable photographic skills to take your photography career to the next level!

Spend quiet nights in our expedition tents, recovering from the busy day. Iceland is something you will never forget, as rarely is a country so colorful, wild and vast. Halló! (Hello!)

On the Icelandic Highlands on a snapshot hunt

Iceland ranks as the largest volcanic island on earth, and in recent years has captivated adventurers and photographers from around the world for its majestic backdrops. We guide you through the remote highlands of Iceland for a photographic safari unlike any other!

Your benefits with Exped Tribe:


Professional and multilingual expedition tour leader


Professional adventure photographer

who will document the trip with professional shots, support you with his hard-earned photography skills and look after your well-being. You will receive drone videos, photos and much more as a souvenir of your adventure.


Small groups

of max. 8 participants. Increased flexibility, family atmosphere and harmonious get-together. We do our best to ensure that all participants have an incredible adventure! We conduct expectation phone calls and pool participants who have similar expectations and abilities. We gladly accept special requests!


Vegetarian friendly

We offer Alpine gourmet cuisine, completely without meat/fish!


Co2 compensation

Planting of several trees per participant. You will receive a certificate of the planted trees and can thus follow their growth.


Rental materials

Cost-effective test materials from our partner companies such as SLR cameras, lenses, expedition tents, backpacks and much more are available.

Typisches armenisches Fahrzeug im Ackerland

Planned schedule of the trip to Iceland

Sicht aus dem Flieger

Day 1

Arrival from Zurich or Milan by plane. We are happy to organize an alternative journey by more sustainable means if desired. Arrival in Reykjavik and meeting at our hotel including our 4×4 car. While you make yourself comfortable and get to know your companions, the rest of the team goes into town to pick up the last items needed for the trip.

In the evening we discuss in a detailed briefing our goals, the itinerary, packing and organization of the trip as well as the most important principles of adventure photography.

island abenteuefotografie reise tag 2

Day 2

We leave the hotel in the morning and drive towards the highlands. This will be our longest day of driving, with about 4–5 hours on well-maintained road. We reach a magical lake and hike to the top for about 30 minutes to photograph the first sunset and blue hour. After taking pictures we return to the lake shore where we will spend our first night in the tent. Before going to bed we plan the exact route for the next day’s shooting locations and practice together how to best manage a busy day of shooting depending on the weather, route planning and photo list.

Taxi fahrer fährt uns zum start der Wanderung

Day 3

After an early start we drive to the sunrise shoot: This takes place at a secluded volcanic crater. From there we reach an ancient lava field and photograph its rich landscape until lunchtime. Today, however, there is still an epic volcano on the to-do list, which translates from Icelandic as “Blue Peak” due to the black and blue colors of its flanks. After a 2-3 hour hike, we reach the summit and photograph the sunset, which promises dramatic compositions in any weather.

As soon as we are satisfied with our shots, we descend and spend the night at the campsite next to the volcano, where there is also a warm hot spring to recover from the exertions of today.


tag 4


We’ll spend a relaxing morning where you can sit back and get a lesson in basic post-processing techniques that you can apply to your previous shots. Then we’ll take a two-hour drive to our next camping spot in the highlands.

After a 2-3 hour afternoon hike, we reach some of the most expansive and impressive views the Icelandic highlands have to offer. We photograph the sunset and return to the campsite for a restful night.

Felstürme in Armenien auf über 2700 Höhenmeter

Day 5

From today on, we will venture into very remote areas to which only a few photographers have access. Our destination for the day is a bright green volcano formed by eruptions below a glacier field during the last ice age. Along the way we will have to cross rivers and overcome other large obstacles, all of which we will photograph to capture some of the most dramatic moments of the trip! Tonight our day’s journey ends in a cozy cabin from where we can relax and continue editing the photos from the trip so far. Sleep well!

mt Azhdahak und dessen Süsswasser Krater

Day 6

After breakfast, we will spend the morning reflecting on our portfolios from the trip. We will cover the basic components of creating an outstanding portfolio and apply those principles to the stories/techniques you want to show from this trip.

Then we spend the rest of the day in “company of the gods”. After another river crossing, we reach a ridge between two glaciers named after the Norse god Thor. Although this ridge is usually visited more by tourists, we plan our route to avoid the crowds and find unique places to take great pictures at sunset. We end the day at a nearby campsite.

tag 7 island

Day 7

Our last hike of the trip will take us to the lava fields of a volcano that last erupted in 2021. Last hike of the trip to visit the recently erupted lava field. From here we will return to Reykjavik where we will end the evening at our first hotel and dinner together to celebrate the success of our adventure.

tag 7 island

Day 8

In the remaining time before departure, we focus on editing and further post-production procedures. During this time, among other things, you will have the opportunity to have 1:1 conversations with our professional photographers, in which he will give you personalized advice based on your goals and your generated footage during the trip. Thus you will have learned all the necessary techniques to generate successful adventure photographic shots. Return flight to Zurich or Milan.

Countdown counter until the next Iceland Adventure Photography trip








Important info about your trip

  • Hard Shell Jacket
  • Down jacket
  • Functional underwear
  • Long and short hiking pants, quick drying
  • Long and short shirts, fast drying
  • Soft shell or fleece jacket
  • Hat, gloves
Camera equipment
  • Upon registration you will receive a complete list of mandatory and recommended equipment;
  • Focal Length: During this adventure we will be shooting subjects both up close and in front of dramatic subjects in many lighting conditions. Therefore, we recommend a focal length of at least 16-200mm. Don’t forget to bring fast lenses to capture auroras;

  • Drone: In this workshop we focus mainly on professional camera equipment. However, if you have your own drone, you are of course welcome to bring it;

  • Batteries & Memory Cards: We will have regular access to electric power. Nevertheless, we recommend bringing enough batteries and memory cards for at least one full day of shooting. We will explain more information after the form is created;

  • Tripod: The tripod will become your best friend when the auroras appear. It’s best to bring a sturdy but lightweight tripod;

  • Laptop to review and edit images: Along with your laptop, we recommend that you bring at least a small external hard drive to store and back up your photos. In a week of professional shooting, we will probably easily fill 500 GB of storage. Backup and storage strategies for such trips will be discussed during the trip.

  • Sunglasses
  • Sun and lip cream
  • Water bottle and thermos
  • Camera and power bank
  • Sandals for river crossings
  • Backpack (80-110l)
Technical equipment
  • Telescopic poles
  • Mountain boots or high hiking boots
  • Gaiterseleskopstöcke
For the overnight
  • Warm sleeping bag (comfort temperature 0°/-10°)
  • Sleeping mat (insulated preferably)
  • ISO mat
  • Cutlery (fork/knife/spoon/cup/bowl)
  • Headlamp
  • Toiletries (reduced to minimum)
  • Other camping equipment, if available
  • Exped Tribe Tour Guide
  • Professional adventure photographer from the outdoor industry
  • Full board
  • Accommodation in hotels, campsites or wild camping
  • 4×4 jeeps for transfers in the highlands
  • Professional backstage photo and video report
  • Group equipment (expedition tents, stoves, etc.)
  • Co2 compensation with the planting of 10 trees/participant
  • Travel to and from the destination country
  • Private insurance with coverage of return transportation costs
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Tips for local activities
  • Everything not listed under “Included”
  • Snack (not included, serves to replenish energy levels): This is eaten between breakfast and dinner and taken along for appropriate days. Dried fruit, chocolate, cheese, wholemeal bread and energy bars are good. Remember not to overload your backpack.
  • Full board (included): Out of commitment to animal welfare, we do not offer fish/meat on our tours. Nevertheless, you can of course order what you like best at the local restaurants, be it vegetarian or of animal origin. You are also welcome to bring and eat your food of animal origin at any time.
Rental material
  • Telescopic poles, CHF 35.00
  • Expedition backpack (90-110l), CHF 60.00
  • Warm sleeping bag, CHF 90.00
Others, Add-ons


A photographic adventure trip unlike any other!
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