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Discover the breathtaking world of the Swiss mountains

Welcome to the heart of the Swiss Alps! Immerse yourself in the majestic beauty of the Swiss mountains and experience unforgettable adventures in the midst of a breathtaking natural landscape with the mountain guides from Exped Tribe!

Switzerland is known worldwide for its spectacular mountain landscapes, which inspire both experienced mountaineers and nature lovers alike. From the snow-capped peaks of the Bernese Alps to the picturesque valleys of the Engadine, the country offers countless opportunities for outdoor activities and relaxation in nature.

Explore the diversity of the Swiss mountains on a high-altitude tour, ski tour, snowshoe tour or alpine tour. Our mountain guides are at your side and will accompany you in complete safety on the most beautiful peaks in the Swiss Alps.

From tours for beginners to challenging tours in the high mountains, Switzerland offers the right adventure for everyone. In the list below you will find several peaks that we regularly offer as tours. If you are unsure which tour is right for you, you can contact us by phone or email us at any time.

Every canton is a little gem: plenty of adventures, experiences and a “guaranteed view” await you in the list below:

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Q&As on the Swiss mountains: Alpine paradise Switzerland

Which are the most famous peaks in Switzerland?

Switzerland is home to some of the most famous peaks in the Alps, including the Matterhorn, the north face of the Eiger, the Jungfraujoch and Mont Blanc de Cheilon. These peaks are not only imposing natural wonders, but also popular destinations for adventurers and mountaineers from all over the world.

Which are the best beginner 4000ers in the Swiss mountains?

For beginners in the high mountains, the Swiss Alps offer a selection of easier 4000-metre peaks. Among the most popular are the Breithorn, the Allalinhorn and the Lagginhorn. Although these peaks require a certain amount of mountaineering experience, they are less technically demanding and therefore well suited to beginners.

How can you prepare for climbing 4000-meter peaks?

A few tips from the Exped Tribe team on preparing for tours over 3500 m

  • Physical fitness: Work on your endurance, strength and flexibility to meet the physical demands of mountaineering. Running, hiking, cycling and strength training are good ways to improve your fitness before a high altitude tour.
  • Altitude training: As most 4000m peaks in the Alps are at high altitude, it is important to adapt to the thinner air. You can better prepare your body for the altitude through altitude training or stays in higher regions.
  • Technical training: Learn basic mountaineering techniques such as how to use crampons, rope techniques and belaying techniques before the upcoming tour. Some peaks require easy and moderately difficult climbing passages. You should acquire the necessary skills in a “stress-free” situation so that you only have to worry about your physical condition on the high tour. At Exped Tribe you will find several alpine touring courses and climbing courses to acquire these skills.
  • Equipment: Make sure you have the right equipment, including weatherproof clothing, crampons, harness, helmet, rope and a good selection of food and drinking water.
  • Acclimatization: Allow enough time for acclimatization to slowly adjust to the altitude and avoid the symptoms of altitude sickness.
  • First aid skills: Master basic first aid techniques and how to recognize signs and symptoms of altitude sickness. Our mountain guides will be at your side to help you with the appropriate treatment measures.
  • Route planning and weather: Find out about the planned route, current weather conditions and potential dangers, even if it is a guided tour. This will train your sensitivity when planning independent tours and prepare you for tours on your own!
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