Ice Climbing: Courses and Tours in Switzerland

It may be cold, uncomfortable and exhausting, but it is the most fascinating discipline of mountain sports: ice climbing, with its elegant yet powerful pulls to move on frozen, crystal clear water.

A special wonder of nature: waterfalls that present themselves in their most unique form. Each swing of the ice axes will give you pure joy! Would you like to try ice climbing for the first time in complete safety, or would you rather climb a challenging north face?

Choose an offer and let’s go conquer ice walls together!

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Ice climbing courses for beginner

Skitourerin beim Schnupperkurs

Ice Climbing Baptism Beginner course

Your first time putting on crampons and climbing vertical waterfalls? This adventure is perfect for beginners, and will teach you the basics in complete safety.

Ein Kletterer beim Drytoolen

Drytooling Beginner course

Drytooling requires effortless climbing in overhangs, precise standing on the frontal spikes and a lot of energy. Would you like to try climbing a rock face with your ice tools?

Ice climbing courses for advanced

Eisklettern für Fortgeschrittene

Ice Climbing LVL 2 For advanced

In the meantime, you have mastered your first top rope attempts and steeper routes. What’s next? This advanced ice climbing course will guide you to your first lead, improve your movement technique or look at advanced ice climbing topics such as multi pitch techniques and belay considerations.

Ice climbing courses and coachings on request

Eisklettern bei Mondlicht

Ice climbing courses and coachings on request

Your desired course is not listed here? Send us your desired course or coaching and we will organize it for you, customized and on your desired date.

Guided tours

Geführte Eisklettertouren

Guided ice climbing tours Overview

Nothing that fits you? No ice climbing course that appeals you? How about a guided tour? Click here for the entire offer

Can’ t find anything that suits you?

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