Via the normal route to the eastern summit (2747 m)

Difficulty: Moderate

Ascent: 3-4 Hrs., 1210 Hm

Descent: 1210 Hm

Exposition: NE

Vibe: Relaxed

Skitourer am Stotzigen Firsten

This tour in 3 words: Sunny, wide, pleasant.

Perfect for: Beginners, splitboarder, bad weather, Days with high avalanche risk

Directions: Parking at the train station in Realp, Uri. Please use ticket machine / buy ticket!

Description of the route:

Along the old Furka railroad line and over the blue bridge of the Furkareuss. At the hiking trail sign now turn off the road in the direction of Mäder and overcome the short steep step. Continue over the northeastern shoulder to the small lake. From here, continue in an almost straight line past the Lägeten Firsten to the eastern slope and summit. Congratulations, time for an enjoyable descent!

Sicht nach Realp und Andermatt
Aussicht zum Gross Muttenhorn


The ski tour on the Stotzigen Firsten is indeed an often overcrowded and popular ski tour in the Realp area. However, it is also by far one of the best and most beautiful tours for beginners and splitboarders in the Realp area.

Thanks to the low avalanche danger, the tour can be undertaken also in bad weather or when the avalanche report does not predict anything good, without huge worries.

If you prefer to do this tour as part of a guided adventure or a course, send us a message or sign up for our “beginners ski touring course”, by following the button below.

Shred on!

Your Exped Tribe Team