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A country that needs no elaborate introduction due to its incredible explorable wilderness, remoteness and variety of flora and fauna.  Canada impresses due to its tundra, being home to grizzly and polar bears, as well as a landscape that is extremely diverse and ranges from ice fields and glaciers to the Rockies to boreal forests.

Some areas where we lead our expedition trips are the arctic and hard to reach Nunavut area, Newfoundland as well as British Columbia. From world-famous freeride descents to long distance hikes and climbing adventures there is always the right offer for any kind of adventurer in Canada!


Join us and experience yourself how much opportunity Canada offers for adventurous challenges of every kind.

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Berge im Auyuittuq

Crossing of the Auyuittuq Park

20 Days, Expedition trekking

We will cross the wild Auyuittuq National Park, a 100 km long route through a valley formed by the last ice age. During the trek we will marvel at some of the most beautiful mountains in the world, like the Mt. Thor and Mt. Asgard.

Access to the national park is by boat or snowmobiles, depending on the season. On the way to the trail we will sight seals and polar bears hunting from one ice floe to another.

An incredible expedition tent trip for “thru” and fit hikers.

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