Trips to France – Mountaineering, Trekking and Climbing Trips to France

France is a country that offers quite a bit of exploration potential for adventurers. Thanks to its proximity to Switzerland and good connections, it is perfect for close or short trips. The country’s variety of landscapes and short distances allow for many adventures: from mountaineering to climbing to secluded long-distance hikes.

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weitwandern am illampu circuit

Guided Mountaineering Climb Mont Blanc

4 Days

Mit eines unserer erfahrenen Bergführern besteigst du das Wahrzeichen der Alpen! Erklimme diesen anspruchsvollen Berg, hoch über Chamonix.

skihochtour mont blanc

Guided Ski Mountaineering Climb Mont Blanc

3 Days

Eine spektakuläre Herausforderung für erfahrene Skibergsteiger. Die Tour erfordert viel Vorbereitung, spezielle Ausrüstung und Kenntnisse im Umgang mit alpinen Gefahren.


kletterwoche les calanques

Climbing Week Calanques

7 Days

The Calanques are a stunning rock formation along the coast of Marseille in the south of France. Together we will experience a week of climbing and coaching by the sea in breathtaking surroundings.

Other natural wonders of France include:

The Gorges of Verdon: A spectacular gorge in southeastern France with deep blue water, rock walls and numerous hiking trails (also great for a climbing vacation!);

Mont Blanc: Europe’s highest mountain is located in the French Alps and is a popular destination for hikers and skiers (we also offer its ascent as part of a high altitude tour or ski mountaineering tour);

The Camargue: a unique wetland region at the mouth of the Rhône River, with salt lakes, wild horses and flamingos;

The Dunes of Pilat: The largest sand dune in Europe on the Atlantic coast near Bordeaux, with breathtaking views of the ocean and surrounding forests;

The lavender fields of Provence: the purple lavender fields in Provence are a symbol of France and a beautiful natural wonder that blooms in the summer;

The Bay of Somme: A picturesque bay on the north coast of France with sandy beaches, salt marshes and rich wildlife and flora.


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Mont Blanc Climb