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Japan, the land of the rising sun, attracts nature lovers with a rich variety of scenic beauty. While the metropolis of Tokyo and the coastal areas are frequently visited, the mountainous regions of Japan hide adventures and breathtaking mountain landscapes that are sure to fascinate you. A few areas we like to visit again and again are:

The majestic Mount Fuji, an iconic volcano, with a height of 3,776 meters. Mount Fuji-San is not only Japan’s highest peak, but also a spiritual place of great significance for the locals.

Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost island, has become a true ski and freeride mecca. The snow-covered slopes attract skiers and snowboarders from all over the world. Japow! Is the magic word, you’ll love it here!

Ice climbing has also found its own distinct space in Japan. During the winter months, the icy waterfalls and rock formations in the Japanese Alps are transformed into a paradise for ice climbers. The challenges and breathtaking beauty of this activity make Japan a coveted destination for ice climbing enthusiasts. Japan will also surprise you for its exciting culture: a fascinating blend of tradition and innovation. In the cities you will experience the pulsating energy of modern life, while in the temples and shrines you will feel the deep connection with the past. The hospitality and openness of the locals invite you to an unforgettable visit. Last but not least, Japan delights with its impressive biodiversity and breathtaking natural spectacles. Whether you hike through the colorful forests in autumn or admire the blossoming cherry trees in spring, the natural experiences are simply unforgettable.

The adventure possibilities in Japan are almost limitless – from climbing Mount Fuji to ski touring and freeriding in Hokkaido to ice climbing in the Alps. Regardless of your fitness or experience, Japan has unique travel experiences in store for you. Book your next trip with us now and experience a unique adventure in the land of the rising sun!

Skitouring, Freeriding, Splitboarding

Hokkaido Skitouren und Freeriden

Japan Freeriding and Skitouring

10 Days, Hokkaido and Niseko, Powder Mecca

Here you will find perhaps the best conditions in the world for descents in tons of fluffy snow. Together we will “shred” in the best powder and experience the natural spectacle of the Hokkaido/Niseko region with fat skis under our feet. Snow like sushi rice is not an understatement!

Ice Climbing

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Ice Climbing Trip Japan

10 Days

Together we will visit different well-known ice climbing areas of the Japanese islands and make them unsafe!

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