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Wild camping is the purest form of sleeping in nature: it allows for unique views, wildlife sightings and an overwhelming sense of smallness in majestic landscapes. Above all, it teaches respect for our fragile environment. For all our hiking enthusiasts out there who want to explore remote areas and connect with nature, we have developed our hiking and wild camping experiences.
These are limited to small groups in order to take pressure off our ecosystems.

Leave No Trace: is the most important rule we follow on these tours: Our goal is to protect the places we rely on for many, many years to come!

Whether this will be your first overnight tent stay, or you prefer to complete a multi-day hike, we have the right tour for you. Our hikes are led by experienced local hiking leaders or mountain guides, and go through a competency check. It will be a great adventure on the mountain, you can count on it!

What are you waiting for? Book your next hiking and wild camping overnight with us now and get ready for a unique experience!

Wild camping „easy“

hiking & wild camping

Wild Camping Baptism first time in a tent

An adventure for young and old that combines an energizing hike with beautiful alpine scenery, a warming camping meal and a relaxing overnight stay under the stars. If you want to have your first time camping in nature, and you want to learn a lot of tips and tricks, this is the right offer for you.

Wild camping „medium“

wildcampen zelten

Ice Ice Baby! Glacier camping adventure

What probably reminded you of a song from the 90s in fact inspired us to create this incredible two-day hiking and wild camping experience.
The playground? Of course, ice! An exciting two-day hiking trip on a glacier. We’ll spend the night in expedition mode and learn lots of helpful tips and tricks to keep us comfortable. This adventure is designed for beginners as well as experienced high altitude hikers, and will be adapted according to the needs of all participants.

Hiking tours


Bristen 3073 m, beautiful pyramid, Uri

If you have ever driven through the canton of Uri, you have surely been in the shadow of this imposing and beautiful mountain. Freestanding and with a height of 3073 m, the Bristen overlooks the whole valley of Uri, and is therefore our landmark. Come with us and experience two days of alpine hiking with breathtaking views.

Combined hiking tours

wandern und klettersteigtour

Stairway To Heaven challenging hike that includes via ferrata passages and camping

This two-day alpine adventure includes plenty of hiking, wild camping in an alpine environment, summit climbs and a challenging via ferrata.

Climb the ladder and enjoy heavenly views!

Can’ t find anything that suits you?

You’ve been dreaming of a certain activity for a long time, but the necessary planning is holding you back? Maybe you need the expertise of an experienced person to help you with your alpine plans?

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