Turkey Trips Overview

Turkey is a country that needs no great introduction for explorers and lovers of dramatic landscapes. Although the city of Istanbul and the seaside regions are heavily visited, Turkey’s mountainous regions hide quite a bit of adventure and breathtaking mountain scenery.

The country is perfect for a first class adventure trip for the following reasons:

One of the most famous mountain regions in Turkey is undoubtedly the Taurus Mountains. It stretches along the southern coast and provides an impressive backdrop for mountain sports such as hiking, climbing, skiing and mountaineering. The Taurus Mountains are known for their majestic peaks, deep gorges and crystal clear lakes, which provide a perfect backdrop for adventures of all kinds.

Next to the Taurus Mountains is Mount Ararat, one of the most impressive, (as well as highest) mountains. With an altitude of 5137 meters, Mount Ararat is a fascinating destination for experienced mountaineers. It is often considered as the place of Noah’s Ark.

Besides Mount Ararat, there are other important mountains in Turkey that you can explore. The Uludağ near Bursa, with its possibilities of skiing, the Palandöken near Erzurum or the Kaçkar-Dağları National Park in northeastern Turkey and the Ala Dağları National Park in central Anatolia. All are ideal destinations for hiking, climbing days, or even serious ice climbing routes.

You’ll also find an exciting, vibrant and colorful culture in Turkey that warmly invites you to visit. Finally, in Turkey you will experience a lot of natural wonders and biodiversity. Exploration opportunities abound here: unique trips await fit adventurers of all experience levels.

Come along and experience for yourself how many opportunities the Turkish mountains offer for active challenges of all kinds.


Kletterwoche Geyikbayiri

Climbing week Geyikbayiri

7 Days

If you are looking for an exciting climbing adventure in Turkey, you should definitely put Geyikbayırı on your list. Here you can expect challenging routes, breathtaking scenery and the opportunity to get to know a lively and in recent years extremely active climbing community.




Mount Ararat Climb (5137 m)

8 Days

We climb the highest mountain of Turkey in the territory of Anatolia, which is called Ağrı Dağı in Turkish. This no longer active volcano guarantees deep views over Eastern Anatolia, the border with Armenia and to the neighboring peak, Small Ararat (also known as Mount Sis).

Ice Climbing and Road Trip

Bolivien Sur Lipez

Ice Climbing Trip Turkey

7 Days

Believe it or not: Turkey is a great place for ice climbing! On this trip we will visit remote areas and climb steep ice!

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