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The ultimate places for a unique ski touring trip abroad

A ski touring trip abroad offers avid skiers an exciting opportunity to take on new challenges and explore breathtaking mountain landscapes. Whether you’re an experienced skier or just starting out with ski touring, there are mountain ranges and destinations to suit all abilities!

One of the greatest joys of a ski touring trip is the opportunity to go ski touring in different areas. You can explore untouched natural areas, test yourself on steep powder slopes or leave your tracks in the snow-covered mountains. Of course, cultural encounters are never neglected on such trips. After all, a ski touring trip is also an opportunity to get to know the customs and culture of the country you are visiting, to meet the locals and, of course, to sample the country’s cuisine. There are many different places that are ideal for your next ski touring trip, including the Alps, but also more exotic destinations such as Canada, Norway or Japan. As we are based in Switzerland, we have deliberately not included any Swiss offers here. However, you can find them listed at the top right.

At Exped Tribe, we offer a wide range of trips, from relaxed day trips in picturesque surroundings for beginners and connoisseurs to challenging multi-day tours and coaching programs for experienced adventurers. No matter what your level or preference, our focus is on safe skiing fun. What are you waiting for? Book your next ski touring trip with us now and look forward to an incomparable experience!

But now back to the main topic: Which places are best suited for a first-class ski touring trip in Europe or even worldwide? Where is the snow the deepest and freshest, where are the slopes untracked and perfect for “gliding” on them at full speed? Here are a few tips from the Exped Tribe team, addiction factor guaranteed!


Norway – Northern lights & ski descents up to sea level

A i Lofoten Nachts

Lofoten Archipelago

8 days, Ski touring & Freeriding

The Lofoten Islands are a picturesque group of islands off the northwest coast of Norway and are one of the country’s most fascinating ski tour destinations. The Lofoten stretch for around 120 kilometers and consists of numerous islands, the largest of which include Austvågøy, Vestvågøy, Moskenesøy and Flakstadøy. This archipelago is known for its spectacular landscapes, rugged mountains, white sandy beaches, turquoise fjords and charming fishing villages. For ski tourers, it offers a unique opportunity for ski touring with sea views. The snow consistency on the Lofoten Islands is also considered to be optimal and therefore it enables breathtaking deep snow descents in the best scenery.

Ski & Sail

Ski & Sail: Senja and the Lyngen Alps

8 days, Sailing and Ski touring, “Bay hopping”

The Lyngen Alps, high in the north of Norway, are prime ski touring and splitboard exploration terrain. The coasts can be explored with the help of a sailboat, mooring in a new bay every day to explore the most exciting slopes and the best snow. The opportunity to explore new slopes every day while trying out life on board a boat makes a Ski & Sail ski touring trip a doubly unforgettable experience.

Italy – Where the alps begin, the fun starts!

France – Chamonix the french Ski touring mekka


Aosta valley

3 days, Ski touring & Freeriding

The untouched Aosta Valley, just on the border with France and Chamonix, offers the best conditions for a top-class ski tour in winter. These valleys include small, untouched gems such as the Rhemes Valley, which offer the best conditions for ambitious or enjoyable ski touring days. A ski touring trip to the Aosta Valley can be supplemented with a ski ascent of the Gran Paradiso, among other things, to turn the ski touring trip into an ambitious alpine experience and still have a full program for a whole week!

Mont Blanc Besteigung

Ski mountaineering on the Mont Blanc

3 days, Ski mountaineering

A spectacular challenge for experienced ski mountaineers. The tour requires a lot of preparation, special equipment and knowledge of how to deal with alpine dangers. A top-class tour for ambitious ski tourers and ski mountaineers!


Japan – Lots of fresh snow and pillow rides as far as the eye can see!

Hokkaido Skitouren und Freeriden

Hokkaido and Niseko

10 days, Sushi & Japow!

Hokkaido, the northernmost of Japan’s main islands, is a true Eldorado for ski tourers and freeriders. The best conditions here are to be found between January and March. Hokkaido is best known for its imposing volcanoes, which are covered in powder snow every year (up to 5 m annually!). The volcanoes around Niseko, Kamifurano, Mount Asahidake and Rusutsu offer first-class descents and impressive views. The untouched slopes and deep snow runs transform into a paradise for freeriders looking for the ultimate freedom and the perfect “JAPOW”. The culinary delights of Hokkaido are also a highlight of this ski tour.

Japanese cuisine is known worldwide, and in Hokkaido you can enjoy local specialties such as fresh sushi or delicious ramen. The seafood here is particularly fresh and delicious and a visit to a traditional sushi restaurant is sure to tantalize your taste buds!

When we take a break from skiing, we will visit the hot spring baths or stay in traditional ryokans.A visit to the metropolis of Sapporo is also on the agenda. This lively city offers a wealth of activities, from shopping to cultural attractions. Don’t forget to try the famous Sapporo beer, which is brewed in the city of the same name. All in all, Hokkaido offers everything a ski touring and freeride enthusiast’s heart desires: spectacular nature, perfect snow conditions, delicious cuisine and the opportunity to experience Japanese culture up close. A visit to this Asian winter wonderland will leave you with unforgettable memories.

Georgia – Steep, Wild, Caucasus!

Georgien Skitouren

Mestia and Ushguli

10 days, experience the magic of Svanetia!

Georgia is a true gem when it comes to breathtaking deep snow descents and remote alpine challenges, join us on this incredible ski touring and freeride journey around the highest inhabited villages in Europe, amidst a backdrop of 4000 meter mountains and Georgia’s highest mountain Shkhara (5193 m).

Experience the hospitality of the Georgians first-hand and try delicious dishes such as khachapuri, khinkali and chacha brandy.

Round off your adventure in the Georgian hinterland with a pinch of culture by visiting the capital Tbilisi, which is famous for its hip vibes, flea markets and special architecture. Recover from the strenuous week of touring with a visit to the thermal spas and sulphur baths. Some of the villages we will visit during our trip are: Ushguli, Kutaisi, Mazeri, Mestia, Tbilisi.

Svalbard Islands- between polar bears and arctic desert

svalbard sail and ski

Ski & Sail Svalbard

7 days, Sailing in the Barents sea

During the sailing sections you will explore the coastline and fjords of Svalbard, surrounded by majestic glaciers and impressive wildlife. As soon as we see a deep snowy line that appeals to us, it’s time to ski! We will be taken by sailboat to the desired location where we will explore the vastness of the untouched Arctic landscape on skis. The Sail and Ski experience in Svalbard not only offers unforgettable adventures, but also the opportunity to observe Arctic wildlife. Reindeer, Arctic foxes, seals and possibly even polar bears could come across you during your trip!

Morocco – Unexpected Ski touring jewel in the high Toubkal


Atlas Mountains

9 days, 4000er Ski touring in the Toubkal range

In Morocco’s Atlas Mountains, you can do a lot of mountain sports in winter. From ski tours on the country’s highest peaks to ice climbing and mountaineering or even sand skiing, you will experience a lot here with your skis and splitboard!

Iceland – between geysers and ice formations

Island Skitourenreise

Iceland Ski touring trip

9 days, Ski touring in the land of fire and ice

A ski touring trip in a class of its own, between volcanoes and glaciers, where the snow conditions are at their best. Iceland scores points with those adventurers who can appreciate the beauty of rugged nature. Together we explore the small volcanic island and recover from long days of skiing in hot springs.

Island Expedition

Iceland Highlands Expedition trip

9 days, wild Ski Expedition in the icelandic highland

A 9-day ski expedition in the Icelandic Highlands, where the wind is always blowing and the villages are inaccessible in winter. A trip for brave and ambitious ski tourers who are not afraid to pull the pulka and who like to pitch their tent in wild Iceland as the day draws to a close.

Kyrgyzstan – Exploring the Im “hevanly mountains”

tien shan gebirge

Tien Shan Range

10 days, Ski touring

The Tien Shan Mountains, also known as the “Heavenly Mountains”, stretch over an impressive distance of more than 2000 kilometers, from Uzbekistan to the western regions of China. The area around Lake Issyk-Kul in particular offers the best touring conditions in early winter. Together we experience this unique landscape between yurts and hospitable locals.

10 good reasons to attend a ski touring trip this winter season

There may be many more good reasons to go on a ski touring trip, but for now we thought there are at least 10 good reasons to consider a ski touring trip! Here is a list of them:

1. Nature experience: Ski tours allow you to enjoy untouched nature in winter landscapes. Depending on the country, you will be surrounded by snow-covered forests, clear mountain lakes and majestic peaks.

2. Away from the crowds: Compared to busy ski resorts, ski touring offers peace and solitude. You escape the crowds and are out and about in remote and beautiful places.

3. Freedom and flexibility: you set your own pace and the route you want to take. There are no fixed slopes or rules that dictate your route.

4. Physical activity: Ski touring is a great way to stay in shape while enjoying the fresh winter air. A ski touring trip can also combine several disciplines, such as mountaineering, climbing and hiking.

5 Unique views: From the top of a mountain, you’ll have spectacular views of the surrounding landscape. The effort of the ascent is rewarded with breathtaking panoramas.

6. Sense of adventure: Ski touring is an adventure where you can explore untouched areas and tread unknown paths. Every tour is an adventure in itself.

7. Closeness to nature: Ski touring brings you closer to nature. You get to know nature and the environment in which you are out and about in a deeper way.

8. Slowing down: Away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you can come to rest and relax in the silence of the mountains.

9. Sociability: ski tours can be undertaken with friends or like-minded people, making the trip a shared experience.

10. Overcoming yourself: Reaching a summit or conquering a challenging route can provide a strong sense of self-conquest and achievement.

All in all, ski touring trips offer a unique opportunity to experience the winter landscape in all its glory and to find both physical challenges and mental relaxation in the process. It is an experience that combines nature, sport and adventure.

Ski touring demands not only physical endurance, but also mental focus and resilience. Skiers must become adept at trusting their gear and their abilities as they ascend steep slopes and navigate through challenging terrain.

Ski touring trips also provide the opportunity to venture into some of the most stunning backcountry landscapes on the planet. Skiers have the chance to journey to remote areas and savor awe-inspiring vistas that are typically hard to reach. In essence, ski touring vacations offer a one-of-a-kind experience that combines physical exertion with immersion in the natural world and pushing one’s personal limits. So, what are you waiting for? Reserve your next ski touring adventure with Exped Tribe and prepare for an unforgettable journey!

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