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Spain, a country known for its sun-drenched coastline, vibrant culture and delicious cuisine, is also home to some of Europe’s most spectacular mountain landscapes. From climbing in the impressive Mallos de Riglos in Aragón to adventurous ski tours in the Pyrenees and alpine traverses and long-distance hikes, Spain offers an incredible variety of mountain sports that will get your heart racing as an outdoor enthusiast.

The Mallos de Riglos in Aragón are a true Mecca for climbers in particular. These unique, steep rock formations offer spectacular routes for all levels of difficulty. Their reddish conglomerate rocks rise majestically into the sky and create a breathtaking backdrop that attracts climbers from all over the world. The experience of climbing on these massive natural towers while surrounded by the wild beauty of Aragón is incomparable.

But Spain offers more than just climbing. The Pyrenees, which form a mighty natural border between Spain and France, are a paradise for ski tours and alpine adventures. The snow-covered peaks, deep valleys and glistening glaciers offer ideal conditions for ski tours. From the slopes in the Valle de Tena to the challenging descents on the Aneto, the highest peak in the Pyrenees, there are routes for every level and every taste. The combination of impressive landscapes, varied routes and Spanish hospitality make our ski tours in the Pyrenees an unforgettable experience.

If you prefer to explore the mountains on foot, the Pyrenees also offer numerous opportunities for alpine crossings and long-distance hikes. The famous Haute Route Pyrénéenne and the GR11 are just two of the long-distance hiking trails that will take you through the breathtaking diversity of the Pyrenean landscape. These routes offer the opportunity to experience the unspoiled nature, rich wildlife and cultural diversity of the region up close. From the green hills of the Basque Country to the barren high mountain landscapes of Andorra, the alpine crossings in the Pyrenees are a true adventure.

In addition to the fascinating mountain world, Spain also offers a rich cultural history that comes to life in the mountain regions. Medieval villages, old monasteries and historic fortresses tell of the country’s long and varied past. After a long day in the mountains, we will enjoy the local cuisine, which in the mountain regions is often characterized by traditional recipes and local ingredients.

Spain’s mountains not only offer sporting challenges and natural beauty, but also the opportunity to immerse yourself in the country’s rich culture and traditions. What are you waiting for? Spain is calling for adventurers like you who are ready to explore its majestic mountains and gain unforgettable experiences. Book your next adventure now and experience the unique combination of adrenaline-filled mountain sports and the Spanish way of life with Exped Tribe!

Climbing and Mountaineering

Spanien Kletterreise

Climbing Trip Spanish Pyrenees

10 to 14 days

From alpine climbs in Pedraforca, to the conglomerate of Mallos de Riglos, to the steep sport climbs of Rodellar or the sand towers of Peña Predicadera, the climbing areas around the Pyrenees offer countless opportunities for the best climbs in beautiful surroundings. We show you the best areas and experience wonderful climbing vacations on Spanish rock!

Ski touring

Transpyrenäen Skitour Querung

Transpyrenees Traverse Ski Tour

Full crossing or single stages

Similar to the Transalp crossing of the Alps, the Transpyrenees crossing in Spain can be tackled on skis. From sea to sea, we offer this unique 800 km experience for ambitious ski tourers! We offer this trip in its full length as well as on different, shorter stages defined by us.

Hiking and wild camping

Transpyrenäen Wanderung

Transpyrenees Traverse Hike

Full crossing or single stages

Similar to the long-distance hikes in the Alps, this long-distance hike can be done in its entirety or in stages. Together, we cross the Pyrenees with tents and hiking boots and cover 800 km, or choose the most beautiful stages. A 44-day long-distance hike in a class of its own, for courageous adventurers!

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