Guided Climbing Tours

Climbing on rock was and is the search for great vertical freedom. We offer guided climbing tours with experienced mountain guides and climbing instructors for all climbing levels. Our mission?

To satisfy your hunger for adventure and bring you a little closer to heaven! Whether you want to climb your first multi-pitch tour or would rather undertake a challenging ridge climbing tour, we have the right offer for you!

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Guided climbing tours “Easy”

wildhauser schafbergkante

Schafbergkante, Wildhuser Schafberg

Sankt Gallen, 1 day

A wonderful and panoramic route in the Alpstein region, high above Wildhaus. Among other things, the Schafberg is the third-highest mountain in the Alpstein.

Guided climbing tours “Advanced”

Bergseeschijen Südgrat

Bergseeschijen south ridge

Uri, 1 day

A wonderful and panoramic tour in the finest Uri granite, high above the idyllic Göscheneralpsee.

Gletschhorn Süd

Gletschhorn south ridge

Uri, 1 day

A wonderful and panoramic route near the Albert-Heim-hut, embedded in the backdrop of the Grauen Wand and Dammazwillinge. Finest ridge climbing on coarse-grained Uri granite!

Guided climbing tours “Difficult”

Merhseillängen Immersion Kurs

Matterhorn climb

For advanced, several options

Climb Switzerland’s landmark with one of our experienced mountain guides!

Climb this beautifully shaped pyramid and experience part of the history of Swiss mountaineering up close.

Guided climbing tours on request

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Climbing courses and training

Mehrseillängen Kompaktkurs

Overview climbing courses and workshops

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