ARMENIA Expedition trekking Ghegama mountains

Trip type: trekking and wild camping
Duration: 10 days
Country/Region: Armenia, Ghegama mountains
Price: 3’200,00 CHF p.P.
Participants: 4-6
Dates: 03.07.2023 plaetze verfuegbar button 2 300x300 1or on request


Armenia, a country that is ideal for hiking and camping. Climb volcanoes, reaching heights of up to 3600 m, forming the skyline of the Ghegama range. Spend quiet nights in our expedition tents, to recover from the exhausting day. You will never forget Armenia, because rarely a country is so colorful, wild, and vast. Barheev! (Hello!).

Come along and experience yourself how many possibilities the Armenian volcanic landscape offers for hiking.


Flussquerung in Armenien


Schwierigkeit 3 5 1

up to 20 km/day or 8 Hrs./day

Wild camping

Schwierigkeit 3 5 1

First experiences of advantage


Schwierigkeit 4 5 1

Necessary. Adventurers are needed here!


Schwierigkeit 4 5 1

Fit enough to carry an 18 kg backpack

Ghegama Expedition trekking – Hiking between volcanoes and nomadic herds

Armenia is a true gem when it comes to breathtaking landscapes and volcanoes that rise into the sky.

Join us on this incredible long distance trek in the heart of Armenia, amidst endless meadows, nomadic camps and special rock formations.

Experience first-hand the hospitality of Armenians and taste delicious dishes such as the lavash, tolva or khash.

Round up your adventure in the Armenian backcountry with a pinch of culture by visiting the capital Yerevan, famous for its hip vibes, flea markets and special architecture. Recover from the strenuous hike by visiting Lake Sevan, which invites you to swim in its crystal clear waters.

Climb volcanoes, reaching heights of up to 3600 m, forming the skyline of the Ghegama range. Spend quiet nights in our expedition tents, to recover from the exhausting day. You will never forget Armenia, because rarely a country is so colorful, wild, and vast. Barheev! (Hello!).

Where is Armenia again?

The country is located between Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan and has no direct access to the sea. What Armenia does have, however, are beautiful alpine landscapes and numerous volcanoes, as well as one of the world’s largest freshwater lakes.

Your advantages with Exped Tribe:


Professional and multilingual tour leader


Support member

who documents the trip with professional recordings and looks after your well-being. You will receive drone videos, photos and much more as a souvenir of your adventure.


Kleine Gruppen

of max. 6 participants. Increased flexibility, family atmosphere and harmonious get-together. We do our best to ensure that all participants have an incredible adventure! We conduct expectation phone calls and pool participants who have similar expectations and abilities. We are happy to accept special requests!


Vegetarian friendly

We offer Alpine gourmet cuisine, completely without meat/fish  


Co2 Compensation

Planting of several trees per participant. You will receive a certificate of your trees and will be able to follow their growth.


Test materials

Cost-effective test materials from our partner companies such as expedition tents, backpacks, etc. are available

Typisches armenisches Fahrzeug im Ackerland

Planned itinerary of the expedition trekking to Armenia

Sicht aus dem Flieger

Day 1

Journey from Zurich or Milan by plane. We are happy to organize travel by train, if desired. Overnight stay in Yerevan.


Strassenverkäuferin in Armenien

Day 2

Sightseeing in Yerevan, a lively and cheerful city. We will eat local dishes and visit the most beautiful corners of the city.

Taxi fahrer fährt uns zum start der Wanderung

Day 3

Transfer to the start of the first stretch, near the village of Martuni. Start of the long distance hike.


Zeltplatz nach dem Wandrungstag

Day 4

Today we walk mainly in the middle of farmlands, getting further and further away from the cities. Here and there a hardworking farmer greets us during his work.

die ersten Gebirgszüge des armenischen Hochland

Day 5

Gently we wake up close to the first mountain ridges. Quickly it becomes apparent: the paths are less trampled and finding the way is not always easy. Also, our path becomes steeper and more strenuous.

Felstürme in Armenien auf über 2700 Höhenmeter

Day 6

At over 2700 meters above sea level, Armenian nature is particularly rugged and hostile. However, the views are incredibly beautiful and vast. We continue hiking and navigate between camps of nomads and their herd.  We have to be especially careful of our water reserves up here, because water is not to be found everywhere, and we should drink enough to counteract the lack of fluids.


mt Azhdahak und dessen Süsswasser Krater

Day 7

Today we will reach Mt. Azhdahak, the highest volcano of the Armenian Ghegama chain, which rises 3597 meters into the sky. Its crater shelters a freshwater lake, who dares to take a refreshing bath?


Ein sympatischer Nomade

Day 8

The night was cold, the sky bulging with stars. We start our descent and walk between more small conical volcanoes, which look like drawn by hand. Here and there we pass again camps of nomads and exchange a word or two, “Kak Dela?”, “Kharaschau, Normalnja!” (Russian for: How are you? Good, thanks!). We understand each other only to a limited extent, but a smile confirms that the people up here like to talk to hikers.

Zeltplatz kurz vor Sewan

Day 9

The mountains become hills, the first houses come into sight again. About 30 km further away is Sevan, the lakeside town that ends our trek. It was an incredible, but also exhausting journey. Now it’s time for a round of swimming, fine dining and toasting to the successful expedition!

Sonnenuntergang im Flieger

Day 10

Once we arrive in Yerevan, we pack our things, take another stroll through the city and then head to the airport. Unfortunately, our trip in Armenia ends here, but we are looking forward to another adventure with you!

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Important info about your trip

  • Hard shell jacket
  • Down jacket
  • Functional underwear
  • Long and short hiking pants, quick-drying
  • Long and short shirts, fast drying
  • Soft shell or fleece jacket
  • Hat, gloves
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun and lip cream
  • Drinking bottle and thermos flask
  • Ev. camera and powerbank
  • Sandals for the river crossings
  • Backpack (80-110l)
Technical equipment
  • Telescopic poles
  • Mountain boots or high hiking boots
  • Gaiters
For the overnights
  • Warm sleeping bag (comfort temperature 0°/-10°)
  • Sleeping mat (insulated preferably)
  • ISO mat
  • Cutlery (fork/knife/spoon/cup/bowl)
  • Headlamp
  • Toiletries (reduced to minimum)
  • Other camping equipment, if available
  • Exped Tribe tour leader

  • Full board

  • Accommodation in Guest House, hotel or hostel in Yerevan and Sevan 

  • All transfers

  • Beacon/Gps device for security reasons

  • Professional photo reportage and videos

  • An activity to support the local community

  • Group materials (expedition tents, stoves, etc.)

  •  Co2 compensation with the planting of 10 trees/participant

  • Travel to and from the destination country
  • Private insurance with coverage of return transportation costs
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Tips for local activities
  • Everything not listed under “Included”
  • Snacks (not included, serves to replenish energy reserves): This is eaten between breakfast and dinner and taken along for appropriate days. Dried fruit, chocolate, cheese, wholemeal bread and energy bars are good. Remember that your backpack should not be too heavy.
  • Full board (included): Out of commitment to animal welfare, we refrain from offering fish/meat on our tours. Nevertheless, you can of course order what you prefer at the local restaurants, be it vegetarian or of animal origin. You are also welcome to bring and eat your food of animal origin at any time.

Rental equipment
  • Telescopic poles, CHF 35.00
  • Expedition backpack (90-110l), CHF 60.00
  • Warm sleeping bag, CHF 60.00
Others, Add-ons
  • This adventure can be completed with a day hike on the highest mountain of Armenia, “Mt. Aragaz (4090 m)” if desired

  • Upon request, luxury accommodation with private spa can be provided in Yerevan

  • Yerevan: climbing day

  • Yerevan: visit to “Ararat”, a historical brandy factory, which was very popular (and often visited) by the then US President Winston Churchill


Come with us and let's explore the volcanic highlands
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